Pre-Baby Meal Prep: 7 Low-Carb Freezer Meals to Make

As a new mom, you’ll need to eat. The problem with that though is that labor takes a lot out of you.

Nobody wants to have a baby and then come home to cook a meal!

Sure you could order out but that is usually food that isn’t going to be the best for you.

As a proponent of the Ketogenic Diet, I wanted to make sure that I could prepare some meals that just needed to be reheated while also providing me with the nutrients that I needed for me and my baby.

This means that before the baby is born you have to spend some time planning out a couple of meals, getting them together, and then freezing them.

This works out well because you’ll quickly discover that you don’t have much time for anything so having the ability to simply pop a meal into the oven or microwave will be a huge time saver.

7 Freezer Meals to Make Before Giving Birth

Now, all of these meals aren’t for everybody. If you want to chow down on some In-n-Out and drink your chocolate milkshake then I’m not going to tell you not to.

Even though I love keto, I did make sure to include some meals with carbs just because I wanted to ensure that I had batches of food.

1. Bacon Covered Meatloaf


Yep, meatloaf.

What’s great about meatloaf is that you can cook a decent size portion and simply cut it up into slices. When you’re ready for a meal you simply take one slice and heat it up.

You don’t need to go crazy and recook the whole thing over and over again.

Wrapping it in bacon just gives you more protein which is always needed by your body.

2. Shepherd’s Pie w/ Cauliflower Mash

This is one of my husband’s favorite meals because he loves regular shepherd’s pie. Instead of using mashed potatoes we use cauliflower mash which tastes delicious.

One of the great things about shepherd’s pie is that you can mix and max some of the ingredients.

If you don’t want carrots then don’t add carrots. Instead, fill it up peas.

You can easily portion out the whole meal and reheat individual portions whenever you’re ready.

3. Cream Cheese Stuff Meatballs

Who doesn’t love meatballs?

Mix in some cream cheese and you have the perfect low-carb meal or snack.

If you really want to get fancy with your meatballs you can create a curry coconut dipping sauce to complement them and you might as well be on an island enjoying your tropical dish.

4. Crock Pot Bacon and Cheese Chicken

Is the crock pot the greatest invention ever?

It’s certainly up for debate!

Just toss in some food and walk away.

This back and cheese chicken recipe is great for the times where you just won’t have enough time to bust your butt in the kitchen.

Make it, portion it out into containers, and then freeze.

Ready whenever you want.

5. Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast might be my most favorite meal because it means I get to eat right when I wake up which is probably my least favorite activity.

However, if I’m going to wake up I might as well enjoy it.

These tasty breakfast burritos hit the spot and are a great treat for whenever you need something quick and easy.

You can even liven them up with some hot salsa if that is your thing.

6. Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burgers

Is there anyone that doesn’t like burgers? Ignoring the vegans out there, burgers are something that I feel I could eat at least once a week.

Throw in some buffalo sauce AND bleu cheese? Well, now you have yourself a freezer delicacy that is ready when you are.

If you’re trying to stick with the low-carb theme but definitely want your burgers on some buns then check out fat head bread.

Stupid name. Awesome taste.

7. Bulletproof Coffee Pods

Bulletproof coffee is a staple of any low-carb diet and is a great way for coffee drinkers to get the coffee flavor along with helping you meat your macros.

However, always preparing the coffee every single morning can be a huge pain.

That’s why I was so happy to find these coffee pods that you can simply freeze and then reheat when needed.

Who knew that coffee could come in such cute little forms?

Plenty More

There are plenty more freezer recipes that you can find around the web on Pinterest. I just included my 7 favorite ones that I enjoyed making and eating while being pregnant.

It was great knowing that I could still stick with my low-carb lifestyle while being pregnant and not having as much time as before due to the new baby.

How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply in 48 Hours

If you’re a breastfeeding mama then you probably know this struggle.

You need to store some milk for your baby because you don’t want a little human sucking on your nipple forever but you aren’t producing enough milk to store.

What can you do?

Well, there is a lot you can do actually to help get the milk-making machine back up to production levels.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how I was able to increase my body’s milk production in just 48 hours.


How I sometimes feel breastfeeding.

My Struggle

When I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to breastfeed and I did as much research as I possibly could.

The biggest issue with breastfeeding is that you don’t know if it’s going to work out until the baby pops out!

I was fortunate enough that my son didn’t have much of a problem latching but the problem was that I wasn’t producing enough milk to keep him happy so I began to supplement with formula.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with this but I wanted to see if there were ways that I could naturally increase my breast milk supply so I researched like I was writing a college paper.

It’s amazing the stuff women do to try and increase their breast milk supply! There seems to be 1,001 solutions to this problem and I wasn’t going to try them all, so I tried the ones that poppped up most frequently.

This post shares my experience with these solutions.

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply in 48 Hours

First things first, you might not have this problem. Your breasts might be working like a fountain drink machine at McDonald’s but that doesn’t mean this can’t happen to you eventually.

It’s always good to be prepared so these are things that every breastfeeding mama should be doing.

Drink Water

A good general rule in life that one should follow is to drink more water.

The recommended amount of water you should be drinking to ensure your body is functioning properly is between 0.5 ounces to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Generally, you’ll see the guideline that you should drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day but even that amount might not be enough for you depending on how much you weigh.

Because breast milk is 88% water and it’s getting sucked out of you, the water will need to be replenished at some point.

If your body is dehydrated then there is no chance of it producing milk so step 1 of producing more breast milk is ensuring that you drink enough water.

The easiest method is to get you a cool cup that you can carry around with you so you never forget to drink water.

Water thermos keep water cold

Because I like my water always cold I like to use the Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Vacuum Thermos with Medal Strainer by HvDrink. It’s a little bit on the pricier side of water bottles but it can keep ice for over 24 hours which works out well for me.

Everybody likes drinking out of a straw.

Add Let There Be Milk to Your Daily Routine

I’m not one for witchcraft or hippy remedies but Let There Be Milk does exactly what it says it will do and that is to help you produce more breastmilk.

Increase breast milk supply with let there be milk

What is it?

It’s a liquid made from Fenugreek (no clue what that is) and Goats Rue (no clue what that is). Both of these are all natural so you aren’t tricking your body into producing more milk by using chemicals.

You simply add a couple of drops into your favorite drink every day and you are good to go.

Warning: This stuff often goes out of stock on Amazon so if you see in stock now I suggest you pick up some. If for whatever reason you miss your chance of grabbing it then you can also try Motherlove More Milk.

Seriously, I need to look up what Goat’s Rue is.

Oh, before I forget, this stuff taste terrible. Seriously, it might be the worst tasting thing I’ve ever had so what I usually do is drop it in a little bit of water (usually seltzer) so it’s easier to take down.

Mother’s Milk Tea

Increase breast milk supply with motherlove

We’re going to stick with the hippie vibe here and talk about Mother’s Milk Tea.

I’ll be honest in that I’m not a fan of the name simply because it’s just not a good name.

It’s basically a tea infused with fennel and coriander that helps stimulate milk production. I’m not a big fan of teas so I make sure to add some liquid Stevia drops to it to sweeten it up and then it goes down pretty easy.

It’s a great drink to have in the morning if you don’t feel like diving into breakfast.

Replenish Your Electrolytes

I used to think that electrolytes were some silly marketing term but they are really important for your body’s health.

When you’re running low on electrolytes you can start to feel light-headed, nauseous, and queazy.

You don’t want to feel that way!

One of the downfalls of drinking so much water is that it can lead you to pee out a lot of electrolytes so it’s very important that you replenish as quickly as possible.

Some people recommend Smart Water or Gatorade but the amount of sugar in those drinks always turns me off, especially since I’m doing the keto lifestyle. Instead, I rely on Mio Electrolytes.

Rehydrating with Mio

Just a quick squeeze into my water and I now have a fruity and refreshing drink without adding any sugar.

You also want to look into foods with sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Don’t be afraid to use hot sauce in your meals!

Causes for Decreased Milk Production

To combat decreased milk production it’s also important to understand the causes for it.

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Birth Control
  • Periods
  • Alcohol
  • Dehydration

Everybody has their own method of combatting these things but they are important to keep in mind when you are trying to increase your levels of breast milk production.

Take Care of Your Body

With a new baby, it can be pretty hectic and you might not realize the strain that you are putting on your body.

You can’t just magically expect your body to consistently produce milk when you aren’t treating it right.

The same principles apply when trying to lose weight. If you don’t help your body then it won’t help you.

However, as you see it can be pretty easy to get things back on track and turn your body into a breast milk making machine.